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Spanish Newspaper  | El Latino Newspaper - Greenville, SC

Many cities with larger or similar Hispanic populations to Greenville, SC have a Spanish newspaper. In some instances, they have several! This is why we started El Latino Newspaper, as we wanted to provide the growing population of Spanish-speaking individuals in Greenville, SC with the ability to read the news in their native tongue. We hope to build a strong sense of community with our paper, which we hope can aid the Hispanic population in regards to local politics and business.

El Latino Newspaper employs only the most qualified journalists and part-time contributors who will work their hardest to bring the Spanish-speaking community of Greenville, SC their news in a timely, factual, and non-biased manner. We are all native speakers of the language (or at least have full fluency), so you won’t have to worry about mistranslations getting in the way of you reading the news.

Our newspaper, as well as on our online website, has several sections that our readers will find interesting. We have the standard pages that cover issues like sports, politics, food, and similar news topics, but we also have pages that are dedicated entirely to issues that our Hispanic readers will care about.

These include local, state, and national events that can affect the Hispanic community, as well as news that is happening in Latin America. We are 100% committed to giving our readers a Spanish newspaper they can trust and that gives them the proper representation they deserve!

Whether you or a member of your family is interested in subscribing to our paper, please call us or visit our website to find out more about what we have to offer. Our rates are affordable and can vary depending on how often you want to order our paper. El Latino Newspaper is proud to be South Carolina’s first Spanish newspaper!