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Advertising - Several Different Methods

Advertising  | El Latino Newspaper - Greenville, SC

El Latino Newspaper is always looking for ways to help advertise for local businesses owned by members of Hispanic community. We are more than happy to help build awareness for our readers so they can help local business owners and strengthen the bond between the Spanish-speaking people of Greenville, SC. If you are interested in advertising in our newspaper or on our website, please contact us today!

We can advertise using several different methods, as we are always looking for new ways to not only help promote ourselves, but the individuals who support our magazine. We can do a traditional form of advertising, in which we’ll speak with you personally to find how you want to advertise your business, which section your advertisement would be best suited for, and how large of an ad you want. We guarantee you’ll see an increase in business by advertising with us!

There is also the possibility of El Latino Newspaper running a story on you and your business, if you meet the requirements. If you believe you are a key member of your community and want to showcase your contributions, we’ll be happy to run an article on your efforts. We are also more than willing to have special articles and advertisements for businesses that are having special events, especially if they are for holidays! Speak with us in order to determine what type of advertising best suits your needs!

El Latino Newspaper is dedicated to serving the Hispanic community in Greenville, SC and with the help of local businesses who want to advertise their services; we can build our magazine into something great. Contact us immediately if you are interested in purchasing advertising space in El Latino Newspaper!