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Many cities with larger or similar Hispanic populations to Greenville, SC have a Spanish newspaper. In some instances...

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One of our primary goals of starting El Latino Newspaper was to help local businesses by highlighting how they serve...

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El Latino Newspaper is always looking for ways to help advertise for local businesses owned by members of Hispanic...

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Every day the Hispanic population continues to grow, but many people don’t realize Spanish-speaking people are becoming one of the biggest demographic groups in this country. Despite their growing numbers, Hispanic people are poorly represented in most cities and states and they have very few outlets that can help strengthen the bonds of their community.

El Latino Newspaper looks to change this problem. We’re the first Spanish newspaper in South Carolina and we’re growing by the day. Our mission is to provide a Spanish newspaper for the Spanish-speaking population of Greenville, SC in order to help the city’s Hispanic population form a strong community. We report on local, state, and national news, as well as events in the local Hispanic community. We even have dedicated news sections that cover current events for Latin America!

The goal of our newspaper to allow the Hispanic residents of Greenville, SC to feel like they have a trusted source where they can get news that can also act as a voice that properly represents their interests and demands. Regular newspapers fail to do this and we are proud to be able to provide a newspaper for local residents who struggle to read English and want to read the news in their native language.

Our subscription rates are affordable and as we grow in popularity, we hope we’ll attract more Spanish-speaking individuals who are passionate about having a news outlet that represents their interests and views. We proudly will help Spanish-speaking local businesses advertise their company in our newspaper in order to help promote their business within the community. Please subscribe to El Latino Newspaper today and you can help us serve the interests of the Hispanic residents of Greenville, SC!